Heavy Equipment Rentals


TAS Construction rents the equipment shown on this page at a standard rate of $75 per hour (including an equipment operator).  There is a 3 hour minimum on all rentals and rentals are limited to a 60 mile radius from Melrose, FL (additional rate can be determined for projects outside of the standard 60 miles).

45hp Farm Tractor with Bush Hog, Box Blade & 7" Tiller


302.5 Excavator


 226B Skid Steer Loader

In addition, we can provide transport services for the following materials to your job site.  The price of our transport services depends upon the materials ordered and the distance to be delivered.  The cost of the materials is, of course, in addition to transport and installation services.

  • Fill dirt
  • Concrete fines
  • Road base
  • Asphalt milling

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